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Nowadays we hear more and more about how cycling should be a part of everyone’s life and many have even adopted bicycles as their preferred mode of transport. So what made cycling so appealing in 2019 and what do they see in it to incorporate it into their lifestyle? Let’s review In Addition To The Physical Advantages, It Has A Positive Impact On The Psyche How does cycling impart positive effects on the brain? You
As the world around us is getting advanced each second, we are depending more and more on technology. Machines were built to ease human effort, and now we are in a state where our dependence on them have made us put in less efforts, both physically and mentally to an extent that is harmful. The after effects are clearly evident. Cholestrol and Stress: How are they related | What are that effects? In the United
The Bicycles That We Know Today

The Bicycles That We Know Today – How It All Began

Posted by admin on February 8, 2019

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Bicycles have come a long way since its invention back in the19th century. They have evolved and been perfected over time but very little has changed design-wise, since first being introduced. It all began in Europe and they quietly entered in our lives in various forms. For some it was leisure for others it was work, nonetheless they changed our lifestyle forever. But how and when did the gears start shifting? What was the first
Headed out for the weekend? Planning a trip in the wild perhaps? Getting yourself a good bike for the occasion would be a good place to start. Check out our range of versatile mountain bikes and grab your incredible ride and check that off your list. With that sorted, here’s our guide to aid you manage your equipment in order before hitting the road. • Multitool One should never explore the wild without a multitool

Winter is Coming – DubaiBicycles

Posted by admin on November 26, 2018

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Winter is coming. Not really to be honest, because we all know Dubai has only two weathers, hot and well, hotter but that does not get in the way of a true cycling enthusiast, does it? As the weather improves in Dubai, it’s time to put on your helmets and head out on your bikes and take advantage of this not-so-hot-weather. Don’t own one? No worries, here’s our guide to help you find your perfect