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Why people are turning to Bicycles as their preferred mode of transport

Nowadays we hear more and more about how cycling should be a part of everyone’s life and many have even adopted bicycles as their preferred mode of transport. So what made cycling so appealing in 2019 and what do they see in it to incorporate it into their lifestyle? Let’s review

In Addition To The Physical Advantages, It Has A Positive Impact On The Psyche

How does cycling impart positive effects on the brain? You will be surprised to know how the two things relate. Many scientific studies have found out that cycling has a prominent effect on a person’s mood. Basically, the aerobic activity of cycling increases the blood flow towards a part of the brain called anandamide. This spikes the happiness levels in a person’s mind.

This is the reason why cycling is recommended for people who are affected by depression. Cycling is very effective at treating depression as cycling increases the amount of the “happiness hormone” in the body called Serotonin. The benefits don’t just end there as cycling is also very helpful in treating ADHD and Parkinson’s disease. So don’t just reserve cycling as just a physical activity, it also helps your brain to become better at what it does!

Elderly friendly

Even though jogging and running are one among the most popular exercises, yet it doesn’t appeal that much to the elderly because of certain parts like the knees and ankles are subjected to a significant amount of force when they are constantly putting pressure on the ground.

However, cycling is totally different in that regard. You don’t have to carry your weight and shift from one leg to another, creating undulating stress on your joints. Cycling gives a proper workout without the negative aftereffects of jogging or running. Hence, cycling provides the flexibility that the body needs against age-related stiffness.

Weight loss

This goes without saying, but many still don’t see cycling as a great way to shave off excess fat from the body. Cycling for just a few minutes and consuming a ton of calories won’t do you any good, but a person who is thoughtful of their body will benefit greatly from cycling and the equation is plain and simple – Burn more calories than you eat.

An hour cycling will burn of 400-1000 calories. the exact number will depend on the intensity of cycling and your body weight.  By bringing a consistent and tailored lifestyle, you can reach your goals even faster.

A healthy heart

The aerobic exercise that comes as a result of aerobic exercise makes your heart to pump out more volumes of blood. The additional effort put out by the heart make it stronger and more resilient to weaknesses. The human heart is made up of muscles and like any muscle on your body, the heart gets stronger the more you train it. However, training and overtraining are two separate things that can bring two different results, the latter of which will burn you.

Studies have also shown that people make cycling a part of their lives have lesser chances of developing high blood pressure levels.

A longer life

A study led by the Tour de France concluded that former cyclists lived up to an average of 81.5 years while the general population only had a longevity rate of 73.5 years. another study came to the conclusion that just cycling 60 minutes a week cuts the rates of early deaths by 23%.

The connection here is simple as cycling gives a healthy dose of aerobic workout to the body. By taking in more oxygen with every breath, you are giving your body the invigoration that it needs to keep the organs and mind healthy. The combined results of these elements pave the way for a healthy life and longer life.

Deep and rejuvenating sleep cycle

Yes, cycling brings refinement to your sleep cycle. The connection between cycling and a good night’s sleep was made conclusive by a study that was led by Stanford University.

the researchers at the University of Stanford asked insomnia sufferers add cycling to their lives, just about 30 minutes a day was set as the target. But the results were nothing less than significant. The amount of time needed for the patients to sleep was cut down by half and they gained a full hour more of sleep.

A contribution to nature

Cycling produces no carbon footprint when compared to the gas guzzlers that we own. A bicycle takes only 5% of the materials and energy required to build a car. And cycling every day makes you healthier and puts you in a better state of mind. So it’s a win-win situation and you are causing zero pollution while you are at it.

It a great way to connect and contribute to the society and the whole world. This why places like Denmark and the Netherlands are openly embracing cycling. A healthy society and ecosystem adds to the value of the country itself and paves a better future for the generations to come.


Cycling gives you amazing benefits, and all it takes is to spend some minutes out of your life doing something that will ultimately make your life much happier. As the years go by, the rate of exercise that we all do is declines at a very fast rate. Choose your option according to your needs such as normal bikes, gear cycles, electric bike in Dubai or others with different options. Do not fall into the ease of lie. Stay ahead and keep on fighting, and cycle your way to a better tomorrow!

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