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7 countries around the world that embrace cycling culture

Cycling has become ever so famous in the past as many are realizing the benefits of cycling and how it impacts themselves and society as a whole. However, not all country in the world share the same level of love and care for cycling. Some have already made changes to embrace cycling while others are still in the developing phase.

In this article, we will discuss countries around the world that embrace cycling, and how they are leading the way for the rest of the world to follow.

1.    The Netherlands

For the Dutch, cycling is not a chore or something that they push themselves to do. For them, it is a way of life. This is why in the Netherlands, you can see people of all age groups on cycles, and it is common between people of different economic strata.

It is estimated that there are 23 million bicycles in the Netherlands, and this is for a population of only 17 million people. The Netherlands is also very attentive towards the needs of the cyclist because in the country there is a total of 35,000 km of dedicated the cycle paths. Out of the 23 million bicycles, 2 million are e-Bikes.

 The Dutch government recently announced that cyclists can get tax credits of $0.22 per kilometer. So now they get paid to cycle, something that makes the experience even better!

2.    Denmark

Denmark is in direct competition with the Netherlands because it is also a country that wants to change how people commute. The population of Denmark stands at 5.7 million and the city of Copenhagen itself has 5.7 million Bicycles within it. So when we consider the whole of Denmark, Bicycles outnumbers the population.

90% of Danes own a Bicycle while only 40% of the same population owns a car. It clearly paints a picture of the positive reception of the population towards cycling. A quarter of the Copenhagen families own cargo bikes instead of cars.

There are hotels in Copenhagen that provides bicycles to their guests for their commute. The city also enjoys e-Bikes which are slowly gaining popularity.

3.    Germany

Meet the country that gave the world its first Bicycle. It was the German Inventor Philip Moritz Fischer who built the first bicycle and the legacy of cycling flows strongly through Germany. Germany has approximately 74 million bicycles.

Bike Sharing is a very popular thing in Germany and many companies, both inland and international have showcased their services, the most popular ones being NextBike, Call-a-Bike, Limebike, etc.

In mid-2018, about 18000 shared bikes were available in the city of Berlin alone.

4.    Japan

Many leave out Japan when it comes to countries that embrace cycling, but the busy streets of Japan are geared more towards bikers, encouraging people to use bicycles.

Japan is a crowded place and owning a car as a daily driver is not an economical approach. Hence, you will see that people won a cycle or two rather than bulky vehicles. the public transport in Japan is reliable and cost-effective, so most people use their bicycles to get to the station and then use public transport from there on.

There are different types of Bicycles available in Japan that are geared towards the different requirement, be it as a family vehicle or as a cargo transporter.

5.    France

France is also a country where cycling culture is intertwined with its own roots. The prestigious Tour De France is a testament to that very statement.

And the scenery surely makes you want to ditch cars anyway. The beautiful buildings and the gorgeous landscape is to be enjoyed in a state where you can really take in their magnificence. Cycles provide just that and you will see people of all ages doing the same.

France has realized the role of infrastructure in helping the trend to continue in the years to come. Hence, France plans to put forward a plan where they plan to triple the bicycle lanes, provide incentives to commuters and bring forth measures to prevent bike theft.

6.    Belgium

Belgium is a country that pays attention to the cyclists within it. You can see this from the way the country maintains its cycles lanes. The result is that more and more people are taking up cycling to work and commute rather than use cars.

The lanes are then maintained with neatly marked signposts. There are also towpaths that cyclists can use to get away from the busy streets and enjoy their time cruising beside lakes and greenery.

7.    Switzerland

Even though there isn’t a large section of the population using bicycles as their daily driver, they do ensure that cycling is added to their lifestyle as an important activity.

The scenic routes of Switzerland are perfect for cycling, and since cycling is both an exercise and stress reliever, it adds to the whole experience.


People around the world are realizing the advantages of going back to cycling and how it benefits them and the environment at the same time. Dubai is also striving to be on the list of the best countries in the world for cycling with future-forward plans like dedicated bike lanes, cycling communities, and much more! If you are looking for the best bicycles to buy in Dubai, then visit Dubai Bicycles, the online bicycle store and get your hands on the latest and the greatest to be the part of the bicycling culture.

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