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How Cycling Reduces Stress And Keeps You Guarded Against Cholesterol

As the world around us is getting advanced each second, we are depending more and more on technology. Machines were built to ease human effort, and now we are in a state where our dependence on them have made us put in less efforts, both physically and mentally to an extent that is harmful. The after effects are clearly evident.

Cholestrol and Stress: How are they related | What are that effects?

In the United States alone, 610,000 people die from heart disease every year. That equates to 1 in 4 people will be having life threating issues due to heart disease. In the UAE, 30% of all deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases. And with each passing year, the diseases are penetrating lower age brackets. In other words, heart diseases are becoming common in young adults, more so after the age of 25.

The lifestyle certainly plays a vital role in contracting cardiovascular disease. What you eat and how much you exercise certainly has a massive effect on your heart and cholesterol levels. But, exercise is something that we have now slowly started removing from our lives.

A recent survey has shown some light on how UAE citizens are inviting peril on themselves because of their lifestyle. About 37% of the UAE population does not exercise or make a regular part of their lifestyle. Not exercising in one thing, but not caring about what you eat and how much you eat making these couple a recipe for disaster.

This brings us to the next metric where we find out that 32% of the UAE population is obese. And the problem exists on a global scale as there are more obese children in the world now than there are kids who are in malnutrition.

Having high cholesterol results in your arteries getting clogged up, resulting in high blood pressure. This causes the stress levels in your body to increase.

So how does cycling come into the equation and why is it dubbed as the modern day savior for the population?! Let’s review!

How Does Cycling Reduce Cholesterol And Stress

Cycling is one among the few exercises that completely engages your body and the results are just amazing! Even just 20 minutes of cycling daily reduces chances of having a health disease by 50%, state a study done by the Purdue University, Indiana, United States.

That is a significant impact when considering that you only have to spend a few minutes of your day on a bicycle and explains why the numbers of cyclists around the world are on the rise.

According to the World Health Organization, low physical activity is in the top 10 leading reasons for deaths worldwide. Then again, many of us don’t really consider anything about having no physical activity at all. And we all many reasons to justify the behavior, like “I’m too busy during days” or “I get enough physical activity from my daily commute”.

But the sad reality is that we are exercising as much as we are supposed to do on a daily basis. This creates a spike in the blood cholesterol level. And before you know it, you will be on medication for the rest of your lives, with regular hospital visits becoming a common entry in your schedule, and that is just the best case scenario.

One of the common problems with jogging is that beyond a certain age, jogging takes a toll on the joints of the body. So people beyond a certain age find it very hard, even painful to sustain jogging even for a few minutes.

Cycling, on the other hand, is very easy on your joints. A study published in Circulation pointed out that regular cycling for people beyond the age of 50-65 resulted in them experiencing 11-18 fewer heart attacks than people who didn’t. So the connection between cholesterol and cycling is indeed a strong one.

As we discussed, cycling engages the whole body and this also plays a vital role in reducing other health risks like diabetes.

Impact of Cycling on the Human Heart

Like every muscle on your body, training it at healthy levels will make it stronger. This is the same story with the human heart. In normal conditions, the human heart pumps out 4 liters of blood per minute. However, when it is under moderate load due to aerobic exercises like cycling, the pumping rate of the heart goes up to 20 liters per minute.

This is a result of your heart beating faster and stronger. As you train your heart to become more powerful, it does increase its strength, curbing heart-related problems by a great margin. The increased aerobic activity also paves way for you to intake more oxygen, which keeps your organs healthy and reduces the signs of aging.

Conclusion – How to Choose The Best Bicycles In Dubai

There is no doubt that cycling reduces your chances of developing high cholesterol. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. Cycling daily will provide you with the well-needed boost, both mentally and physically to get through the day and have a greater resilience against diseases.

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